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Egg Cup | made from seashells and corn starch - THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS

Egg Cup | made from seashells and corn starch

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Dimensions / ø 10 x 5 (h)cm
Egg cup hole / ø 4cm

design by Censis Rubliss 
La Tremblade  / France

The range combines rationed oyster and mussels shells with 100% plant-based, fermented corn starch for a non-toxic, recyclable and hot compostable product.

A by-product of the local, industrial seafood production, abundantly available and with no value to anyone else, seashells are also treasured for their impressive aesthetics and chemical composition as a rich source of calcium carbonate.

Please note: Due to the organic nature of the raw material two products will never be quite the same and may vary slightly in shape and size.

Product care / This item is not suitable for dishwashing, ovens or microwaves!

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