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Leading the way in circular design since 2018, THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS partners with designers to turn pioneering material research into thoughtfully curated product collections. Our focus lies in development and retail of circular designs emphasising on artisanal skills, sustainability and innovation.

In 2018, we introduced a small selection of designs, representing seven designers, to a market that had minimal prior exposure to circular design, fostering awareness. Today, THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS proudly represents over forty pioneers in sustainable design, offering the most comprehensive collection of circular designs available.

Beyond its market impact, THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS serves as a continual source of inspiration for designers, fostering the development of processes and materials. Its role as a design platform promotes collaborations that yield enhanced outcomes in the upcycling of industries' by-products, contributing significantly to our shared journey toward a more sustainable way of living.



Petko Tashev
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Prior to co-founding The Home Of Sustainable Things [HOST], Petko managed and produced event concepts for a variety of brands from the hospitality industry and later the design industry in an event career that had spun over a decade.

Petko co-founded HOST in 2018 with the intention of supplying the event industry and the general market, with sustainable alternatives to those conventional goods of similar utility produced in a non-sustainable manner.

His role as Managing Director is to oversee operations and development, B2B collaborations, designers liaisons as well as retail and bespoke services.


Desislava Vangelova
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Desislava is a brand developer with passion for design, interior designs and arts. In her 20+ years of experience she has worked within a variety of roles, including finances, product development, project management, marketing, sales and administration. Her inexhaustible passion for art, design and detail however has direct implications on her brand management and leading up to a variety of concepts including set design and production.

Despite coming from different backgrounds, marketing and design, and hospitality respectively, the co-founders shared vision for detail, quality and differentiation that led them co-found their production business in 2010, followed by the launch of an Interactive Concept Store and the ever more ambitious concept to build a platform for the pioneers of Circular Design - The Home Of Sustainable Things.

At The Home Of Sustainable Things, Desislava oversees the brand development and its creative direction.

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