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Energising Yoga Mat | organic cotton & natural rubber

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Dimensions / 183cm x 65cm x 3mm thick
Weight /  950 gr.
Colour / Coral

Ethically made and handwoven in India

Organic cotton and natural rubber
Naturally dyed using Ayurvedic herbs
Washable, foldable and light to carry 
Plastic Free, Vegan Friendly

This coral mat is infused with red sandalwood
and sappan wood, making it energising and
detoxifying, Ideal for kapha people. 

Sappan wood is antibacterial and improves
blood circulation. Red sandalwood is very rare
and precious. It is aphrodisiac, anti-
and relaxing,
acting on lymphatic, nervous and
cardio-vascular systems.

Important : You would never practice Yoga on rubber mats in India because they isolate from the energies of the Earth. Traditional yoga uses only natural fabrics and is also why De Uria only uses natural fabrics and components for the making of their mats!

design by De Uria 
Geneva / Switzerland

De Uria yoga mats are made with respect for the Traditional Yoga practice of India. Their firmness teaches you the proper postures and strengthen your body. The natural fabrics help you connect to the energy field of the earth, the Ayurvedic dyes enhance the healing process and the use of natural rubber provides the grip that gives you confidence to go beyond your limitations. 

Our yoga mats are lightweight and foldable making them comfortable to carry. They are washable in order to last longer and are 100% organic, Ayurvedic and ethically handcrafted. 

Choose a colour depending on your needs!

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