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Circular Ceramics | Reclaiming, processing and substituting waste materials for ceramic production.

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by Sara Howard

Bound with thread made from plastic bottles.
Printed on paper made from single-use coffee cups.


"Circular Ceramics” outlines the methods of reclaiming, processing and substituting waste materials for ceramic production. It aims at production of all scales from studio potter, to mass manufacturer and does detail the ecological effects of mining finite raw materials and industrial waste. 

A must-read for aspiring ceramists, the book presents a definitive suggestions for individuals and companies in the ceramics industry on how to source alternative, sustainable materials, using by-products from glass, stone, construction and the ceramics industries.

In her book Sara outlines methods that would allow ceramicists to start small, substituting quartz with the waste glass slurry for example, and to build upon that with the addition of stone, construction and plaster waste.

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