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"WILDE" textile range organic vs organic


Related by passion, desire, aesthetics and love for the natural world, HOST and WILDE Studio, it turns out are also related by origins. So was it meant to be? 

We believe it was...and for those wondering what on earth i am speaking of, i am referring to our co-founders Bulgarian origins. Although being born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent, Kathrina and Nadine, the duo behind the WILDE Studio appear that they too have Bulgarians roots in the family. 

As we later learnt, their Bulgarian grandmother is the main reason and inspiration behind their work, passing her knowledge, passion and craft for textiles. "We have a history of women in our family who worked with textiles at home; growing and spinning cotton, dyers, weavers, seamstresses and knitters. We wanted to create pieces that would be part of that every-day experience and be part of the bringing together of people, around the table and in the home. We want to create beautiful textiles with stories behind them". 

WILDE Studio is a small scale design and making studio in Stoke-on-Trent that works mainly on commissioned works. Many pieces are one-of-a-kind due to the materials they have, many of which are woven in the studio by Nadine so when they’re gone, they’re gone. 

As various combinations of materials are used across the range, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly but it is estimated that at least 40% of any piece has come from ‘waste/pre-loved’ stock, at least 30% from local sources and roughly 30% from the studio stock, or other sources.

"We’re interested in fostering deeper relationships with materials, to counter throw-away culture. We hope to encourage people to learn more about making processes and to understand the time, energy and skill theprocesses we work with take, keeping hand crafted textiles alive, contemporary and with stories embedded in them" says Kathrina.

The studio choice of compostable, natural materials dyed with madder, cutch, buckthorn berry, onion, fustic, rhubarb and coreopsis amongst others has resulted in a limited but vastly distinctive collection HOST is delighted to bring on.

All colours used across the collection have been extracted from plants and minerals, some grown in the studio's allotment, some from local ‘waste’ streams and other have been purchased from reputable sources. Naturally dyed, printed or painted, the collection radiates organic and authentic beauty that is certain to elevate your dining table style. The range includes, linen napkins, table runners and unique, one-off cushions that are now available in our Barnsbury store and online so we hope that you will enjoy WILDE's work as much as we do!

Create Day by WILDE Studio,

Making "WILDE" textiles

All colours used across the collection have been extracted from plants

Plant Dyed Linen Napkins & Table Runners

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