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Crafted from Scrap Metal


Our WA=MA Tableware Range just got better!!!

Following up on the hugely successful launch of the WA-MA Serving Set, we are now ready to unveil more additions to our WA=MA Range taking us ever so close to our vision of a complete set. For some weeks now working with our exclusive partner on this range - Atelier Cheuk, we have collated feedback and self-obtained experience from working with inconsistent raw materials, to put out what we think are aesthetically astute accessories, befitted with functionality and unmistakable identity. 

Fundamentally, we kept the circular approach and aesthetics of the original, 3-piece dining set, including the signature, hammered head Tulip Spoon, three-pronged Twig Fork and Leaf Knife, with metal parts are made and cut out from locally sourced, scrapped sheets. Additionally, being handcrafted from solid metal instead injection-blown ensures the set's superior quality achieved at much reduced carbon footprint. 

The new 3-piece set however goes a step or two further and is fitted with grips that first start off at sea. Driftwood is dried, then cut into blanks and translated onto a CNC router where it cuts both halves of the grips. Each wooden side is then hand-sanded and oiled before being mounted to their metal utensil using Corby bolts with large pan-head caps. The new driftwood grips encourage greater comfort and control for all types of dining and the origins of the material ensure uniqueness guaranteed by nature. 

As well as a new dining set, we are launching the WA=MA teaspoon as well but hold, it gets better.  We are launching not one but two, signature styles teaspoon - the hammer head teaspoon and the pod teaspoon.    

Designed exclusively for The Home Of Sustainable Things, the WA=MA range now includes, 3-Piece Dining Set; Salad Set; Tea Spoons, Butter Knife; Platter Fork; Burger Skewer; Chopsticks and two-size Platters. Now available in our Islington store and online. We hope you enjoy your new WA=MA accessories and look forward to hearing from you with feedback. 

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WA=MA New 3-Piece Dining Set


WA=MA Hammer Head Teaspoon

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