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SEASHELLS Are Not What They Seem - The Range is OUT NOW!



Now that many are reluctantly returning to more familiar routines, we get why some might be sentimental about their lingering memories of summer months. Apart from signifying the summer is past its apogee, days will get ever shorter and murkier weather is expected [a trend starting early in July], the end of August also marks a new beginning. 

With travellers flocking back in numbers so much so underground platforms reminisce us at times of airport's drop offs, museums, bars and cafes, playgrounds and businesses will be aloud once more. A bustling city after all is arguably a healthy city so there is plenty to feel upbeat about government aside. 

As each day signifies a new beginning, the same can be told for the months and seasons ahead so let's embrace the things that are yet to come! We did so indeed, admittedly delaying this most recent of updates since we did not want it stranded between your flights or short walks to the beach. It deserves your full attention as it reveals another wonderful example of ingenious thinking, once more reminding us the role design can and should hold in the transition to a more sustainable living and better use of natural resources, an issue you can imagine close to our hearts. 

Creativity has the ability to upgrade values and our newest range is no different. Designed and produced by CENSIS RUBLISS, the Seashell Range incorporates the by-product from the local, seafood industry as the chief ingredient for its plant-based, homeware range. 

Based in La Tremblade, France which happens to be Europe’s main oyster production hub, the studio has somewhat naturally brought in seashells in their processes, treasured also for their impressive aesthetics and chemical composition as a rich source of calcium carbonate.

With no value to anyone else, shells are usually burnt or berried at best, a process the studio sees as downcycling of this natural material. Ratios of oyster and mussel shells are combined with 100% plant-based, fermented corn starch binder that is also locally sourced to create a non-toxic, recyclable and industrially compostable collection. 

The Seashell Range includes vases, trays, eggcups and utensil rests, further edging us to our ultimate goal of achieving non-toxic, organic homes filled with natural materials at minimal cost to nature. Vases are hand-blown the same way as glass, with rest of goods being hand-pressed or forged into organic forms. The range is now available online and in-store.



Seashell Vase M


Seashell Trays M / L


Seashell Eggcup
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