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Our LOVED NOT BURNT Woodwork Collection



So Dear Friends, 

A most recent range and collaboration we are trilled to introduce to you is the LOVED NOT BURNT woodwork collection by Sophia Elouise. Located in the picturesque town of Frome, Somerset, Sophia makes use of offcuts from certified hardwoods sourced from other joiners and furniture makers with no use for these smaller pieces. 

By utilising other makers by-products, Sophia creates beautiful pieces for people to enjoy and cherish knowing their homewares are well sourced and minimising material waste. Contemporary yet tactile, the design of each piece is rooted in utility and aims to ensure the product works well in its own right so you buy once and buy well.

Wood is an incredibly durable and beautiful material which, looked after well, can last longer than a lifetime of use. All pieces are then finished with natural oil from the Tung tree which when applied to wood, soaks into the grain and as it dries, hardens the wood, making the pieces food safe, chemical free and all natural.

To match the organic nature of the wood, completely natural, biodegradable Boar Bristles are used in the Shaving Brushes and the Table Brush is fitted with Tampico fibre, also a natural, biodegradable fibre from the Agave plant. 

So here it is. We hope you will enjoy Sophia's work as much as we do and we look forward to receiving images of the collection in your homes.



"Loved Not Burnt" Oscillating Vases


Tampico Fibre Table Brush 


 Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

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