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"MYCEEN" Myceliated Interior Collection

 B-Wise Lamp

Not too long ago, a product or collection as different as the MYCEEN range is, would have risen a few eyebrows as a step too far or perhaps too foreign to our senses? Yet, the race to close the loop and replace conventional, carbon-intensive design with environment-centred design has made it somewhat eagerly anticipated, necessary and perfectly in vogue with the needs and care our natural environment demands. 

Its arrival also marks an important milestone in our ability to design homes more organically on the inside as well as the outside. To accelerates our transition to a better living and greater implementation of natural materials through accomplished design, sophisticated in style but also in the way it impacts our life, health, habits and habitats. It simplifies decisions and removes yet another need to compromise. 

So here it is, the award-wining interior range by the Estonian, Design Studio MYCEEN mimics processes observed in nature for thousands of years. By combining nature’s intelligence with continuous research, thestudio has developed a material and a range capable of replacing various other composites. Distinguished by style, use and uniqueness, the range is also carbon-negative, or in other words - the lightest on the environment! 

Each object is grown in the studio's lab in the space of a few weeks. By using the vegetative part of a fungus called mycelium, the studio grows the compostable material while valorising wood and agricultural industry’s by-products in the process. Mycelium consists of a network of hyphae that provide nutrients for the fungus. This network can bind loose matter into solid, non-flammable, carbon-negative material with good acoustic properties. Once, the growth of mycelium is interrupted by drying the material no further fruiting or spores are formed, thus making the products entirely safe for use in human and building environments.

MYCEEN uses Life Cycle Assessment [LCA] methodology to ensure truly sustainable outcome. LCA maps theproduct’s journey from cradle to grave, including energy consumption, transportation, materials involved and residues from the process. Each production step is calculated into CO2 equivalents, enabling the company to have a clear understanding of its footprint. Furthermore, mycelium materials are easily compostable at the last stage of their lifespan.

And as i am about to draw a line beneath it all, a mention for those who are still somewhat hesitant to embrace this new way of thinking, making and designing, still doubtful the range can single-handedly elevate organic aesthetics to heights unobserved before, here is a little update of its laurels. The Lamp B-Wise has just received yet another recognition in the form of the, Winner of Best Product Design in Human-Environment Category at theEstonian Design Awards, 2022 edition!

Interior designers or creative individuals not afraid of making a statement, do get in touch! 

The MYCEEN range includes: Lamp B-Wise, Lo Blox and Hi Blox Side Tables and Acoustic Panels in two sizes.



"MYCEEN" Lo Blox
Myceliated organic by-product

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