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High Ground, a local favourite coffee shop, located on Upper Street, N1, sought to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal
of its basement space. The primary objectives were to improve the overall aesthetics of the basement and address acoustic issues, using natural materials that can integrate seamlessly with the ambience of the coffee shop.

The decision was to instal twenty-six large MYCEEN panels which were customised and produced with sharp edging effect to facilitate the needs of the client.

Aesthetics Transformation / The installation of MYCEEN panels brought about a significant transformation in the basement's aesthetics. The organic appearance of the panels not only provided a unique visual appeal but also created a cosier and more welcoming ambiance. Consequently, an increased number of customers began utilising the space, resulting in a more balanced distribution of customers across floors, effectively increasing the availability of seating. This had a positive domino effect on the business's financial performance, indicating a direct correlation between the enhanced aesthetics of the basement, improved customer experience, and increased revenue for the establishment.

Acoustic Improvement / One of the notable improvements following the panel installation was the alteration of the previously echoey sound in the basement. The MYCEEN panels effectively addressed acoustic challenges, creating a more comfortable and acoustically balanced environment for customers.

In addition to the primary objectives, the MYCEEN panels demonstrated remarkable insulative properties, leading to multiple benefits. Firstly, the panels contributed to a reduction in the electrical output required to heat the space, resulting in direct electricity usage savings. Additionally, the panels indirectly enhanced heat retention by making the space more habitable and occupied. This increased occupancy facilitated quicker heating of the space, ensuring it remained warm throughout the day.

Conclusion / 
The integration of MYCEEN panels at High Ground’s not only achieved the desired aesthetic effect but also addressed acoustic challenges and improved energy efficiency. The positive impact on customer engagement and financial performance highlights the success of this innovative yet natural solution in creating a more appealing, functional and importantly a sustainable space.


acoustic-panel-myceen-the-home-of sustainable-things

Mycelium Acoustic Panels developed from organic waste
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