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Introducing MONO NO AWARE! A naturally dyed ceramic range



"I thank nature for being my greatest teacher, not only adding colours onto my works, but into my living. It is my aspiration to share my invaluable lesson with the audience through my works, a reminder of the sacred duty we hold to safeguard our precious natural world" Amanda Tong


"THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS ultimately is a concept dedicated to fostering and enhancing the connection between people and nature. It is a platform representing and collaborating with individuals and initiatives that are seeking ways to improve that lost at times connection and attempts to make it better or else, reintroduce, present and protect nature which can be done in a variety of ways, whether through innovative designs, sustainable practices, community engagement or art."

Remarkably, a statement written some years ago now serves as the perfect introduction to unveil the new ceramic range, MONO NO AWARE. In alignment with our vision, this new collection reaffirms our commitment to fortifying the human-nature relationship. It is a tangible expression bringing to life the dedication to harmonious coexistence of people and the natural world.

Mono no aware
も の あ わ れ
things, objects, matters pathos, sorrow, pity

Mono no aware is a phrase in Japanese that expresses the bittersweet realisation of everything in life is simply in passing. It signifies the deep feeling or pathos of things, the powerful emotions that objects can evoke or instil in us. The ephemeral nature of youth, the dimming of romance, and the shifting of seasons need not be mourned, but rather celebrated and valued for their impermanence, as it is from this impermanence that their true beauty arises.

The collection serves as a reminder to appreciate the present, and celebrate what each season has to offer. It documents the four seasons, inviting nature to add colour and integrate itself into the work. The unique, one-of-a-kind objects are made using local clay and dyed with natural dyes.The colours are generated by natural materials gathered over different seasons, e.g. carrot leaves from the artist's garden in summer, sakura leaves in autumn, and ginkgo leaves in winter. The natural dyes used will evolve with time and use. Today’s look will be different from yesterday’s - it’s a living body of work that encourages us to slow down, observe and appreciate different seasons of life.

The MONO NO AWARE collection is now available online and in-store. For further inquiries or questions, please reach out to us at We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do. 

MONO NO AWARE Collection


Daucus carota, Summer 2022


Prunus × yedoensis, Fall 2022, Miyashiro


Ginkgo biloba, Fall 2021, Miyashiro, Parthenocissus


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