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CALCIFIED BONE ASH into fine English China


Dear Friends, 

We are delighted to soon be able to squeeze onto your dinner tables and add a little extra joy with the beautiful and thoughtful, LUNA Fine English Bone China range, which rather than seeking to make statements is inspired by the everyday - adding value to life’s simple rituals at home!

Designed by the London-based Caroline Couzens, LUNA is comprised of over 50% calcified bone ash, which is a by-product from the meat industry. Importantly both, the ash and the china clay are sourced in the UK so the production is entirely domestic. 

Couzens has deliberately chosen to use fine English bone china as "the lightest, strongest, whitest ware you’ll use so, you won’t need to keep replacing it. The colour won’t go out of fashion and it will keep serving - literally” says Caroline. Her manufacturing process eliminates waste early on in the firing processes. Generally, a typical firing schedule would use two firings with the higher being second and more pieces fail as you fire to a higher temperature. By firing to higher temperatures first, Caroline removes pieces that are inherently weak early on, making the process more energy-efficient and cost-effective. Glaze is then only used on pieces that won’t fail making the glaze firing nearly 100% successful.  

An important consideration of her production is also the amount of material used. Because bone china is so strong it can be cast very finely so less material is used to make each piece. In addition, LUNA is produced in small batches at Stoke on Trent, with clay trimmings from the casting process always reclaimed and reused, leaving virtually no waste! 

Longevity, is another highly-important aspect and although, we would not go as far as stating the range is unbreakable, English bone china is very, very strong so you will buy once and buy well knowing the pieces are incredibly robust. LUNA pieces are oven, dishwasher and microwave safe!

We hope you will enjoy LUNA as much as we do but until then, we shall raise a toast to LUNA, or rather, we will raise a toast on LUNA!




LUNA Side & Dinner Plate


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