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LOCALLY SOURCED SCRAP METAL transformed into tableware range


Thinking of the passed few months seem to trigger a mixture of sensations that although contrasting are in no way confusing. Almost as if layers of emotions have steeped in but for the sake of my life i cannot decide what the decorative finishing to this elaborate concoction would be? 

On one hand are the romantic thoughts of the pleasant, golden evenings now firmly behind us, the freedom, energy and happiness so abundantly obvious. These are sensations half of the team here can associate with, on the other hand however, there is muted relief that a difficult summer is behind us. A feeling further compelled by expectations and internal developments that will come to fruition in the coming weeks, also because things happen in the Autumn - things that aren't and not needing to be within our immediate control. 

The lengthy rumble so far leads up, i suppose to the revelation that we have not made as much ground as we have liked to, with developments taking longer, sometime much longer than anticipated yet, considering the multi-faceted and very present crises, we are grateful for being able to continue doing what we love most and as always, you will be the judge and indicator of our success. 

One such project that was due earlier this year, is the WA=MA stainless steel, tableware range. Developed in collaboration with the London-based, Atelier RCHEUK and with the support of ReLondon and Islington Council, the range is finally about to be released. 

Designed exclusively for The Home Of Sustainable Things from 100% scrap metal, the WA=MA stainless steel range includes, Dining Cutlery Set, Salad Set, Butter Knife, Platter Fork, Burger Skewer, Chopsticks, Chopsticks Stands and Platters. Re-imagined, the contemporary and tactile tableware is made entirely from waste thus excluding the need of new materials entirely, in a manufacturing process that leaves no waste either, since all offcuts are reclaimed, melted and used again. 

Casted or Cutout, the accessories included also benefit from a much shorter supply chain and minimised energy input. The metal scrap is sourced almost exclusively within 20 miles radius from the studio's West London workshop, where all metals are processed and items manufactured, followed by another short trip to The Home of Sustainable Things, located less than 7 miles away.  

By implementing a very different and much shortened manufacturing and supply chain, the range is able to reduce vastly on its transport and production footprint, compared to the conventional manufacturing and distribution of products of similar utility that are currently available. 

So for those of you who like our new proposition for alternative and sustainably superior serving & dining cutlery, the range is now available for purchase and pre-order. As the sustainable businesses and chefs out there, do give us a call. We are looking forward to establishing new liaisons with you and hopefully, assist you in achieving your own aspiring, no waste targets.


WA=MA Salad Serving Set

WA=MA Large Ripple Plate



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