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KAFFA Biobased Interior Collection



The satisfactory feeling, whenever we unveil a pioneering design, collection, or material is addictively pleasant and certainly, one of the perks in our job. Perhaps, linked to a profound appreciation for the accomplishments of creative individuals who dare to venture beyond the confines of convention, this sense of achievement is further enhanced as we edge one step closer to our ultimate goal of making a positive environmental impact while we strive to design better living and working environments transcending beyond aesthetics. 

Dear Friends, we are thrilled to present our latest addition, the KAFFA collection. Designed and handcrafted by the Belgian artist and designer Marijke Jans, the KAFFA bio-based range strikes a harmonious balance between materiality, functionality and sculptural elegance, weaving a compelling narrative into each design. The result is a distinctive aesthetic that reflect Marijke's dedication to innovation and sustainability in the medium of contemporary art and design. 

Marijke’s Jans combines coffee-based bio-material with ebonised oak to a great design effect, but also establishes a captivating link between a well-known, valuable resource such is the coffee bean and its post-consumer waste product. The deep, rich texture derived from the coffee grounds evokes the essence of earth, while naturally occurring cracks renders KAFFA objects highly distinctive and unique.

KAFFA epitomises the fusion of innovation and environmentally centred design, essential for achieving natural, low-impact contemporary living spaces. The range showcases Marijke's artistic prowess and commitment to sustainable design and contributes to a fresh perspective on repurposing materials extending beyond the tangible product. 

The KAFFA range includes lighting, candleholders, vessels and a furniture line is soon to be added. Furthermore, the KAFFA light stands out as a captivating example of a fascinating journey from bean to interior design. These lighting not only contribute to the aesthetics of ambient spaces with its meticulously sleek and minimal design but also provide a unique opportunity for designers and stylists to provide artistic and comprehendible link between resource and by-product. 

The KAFFA range is now available both in store and online. For our  European  customers and followers,  it is important to highlight that all EU orders will be processed directly from within the EU. This ensures a seamless experience, free from unnecessary taxation and added fees.

For any questions or business enquiries, please contact us at, Until then, we hope you enjoy KAFFA as much as we do.  


 KAFFA ifa 004 Candleholder  / 50 cups of coffee




KAFFA b°04 Vessel  / 583 cups of coffee 


KAFFA k01 Candleholder  / 80 cups of coffee
Handmade in Belgium


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