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The award-wining Micealla Pedros & JOINING BOTTLES have joined HOST's design range


        Joining Bottles Side Table 13

Circular Design has tremendous potential not only to provide the tools needed to move away from the linear, exhaustive patterns of conventional practices but also to lift the design industry from the deep unnecessary hole it dug itself into through the relentless and superficial pursue of greatness. 

Discussing its prominence is simple and makes for a convenient topic. However, implementing circular design in a risk-averse industry constrained by an outdated regulatory framework is an entirely different challenge altogether. Despite what may sound like a grim reality, we ALL make choices. We are defined by beliefs and actions. And thanks to a growing number of creatives bringing manufacturing back to our shores, the industry landscape is changing. The relentless, grim and unnecessary industrial productions are beginning to paper the cracks. And so we continue...

We are delighted to introduce yet another brilliant example of design’s creative power. Driven by sustainability and empowerment, the award-wining, London-based Micaella Pedros revisits materials, local resources and waste to explore new territories of use. The collection of works aptly named JOINING BOTTLES is refreshingly clean and minimalistic, allowing materials to take centre stage. 

This utterly unique, limited collection includes side tables and table lamps assembled using reclaimed wood offcuts – birch and elliotis plywood, douglas fir, ash, plastic bottles and Pedros’ unique joinery technique. Heating up the PET plastic to a temperature of 300 °C causes it to shrink and as molecules move closer together, it creates a solid bond to be reckoned with. This ingenious process of bonding material offers a meaningful way to build functional structures and can be used to join offcuts together, extend timber lengths or even link wood and stones together. 

The discovery that mundane pieces of debris scavenged from across London can be used to create such stable and artistic structures is remarkable. Even more impressive is the fact that using such accessible materials means anyone can participate, making it a wonderfully sociable and inclusive approach to design. From plastic joinery to gravity-powered machines, Micaella Pedros investigates narrative objects in both furniture and sculpture. Furthermore, the dual functionality of the side tables, which can also be used as a stool, contributes to the narrative of optimising the use of natural resources.

Micaella Pedros holds a Master’s Degree in Design Products from the Royal College of Art (2016) and two Industrial & Product Design Degrees from ENSAAMA (Paris, France - DSAA 2014 & BTS 2012). Her work has been collected and exhibited extensively across Europe, including at the Aram Gallery in London, the Design Museum of Barcelona, IFA Pure Gold in Germany, the Center of Craft, Creativity and Design in the USA, Arthouse Jersey in the UK, and CODA Museum in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.


Ralph Salztman Prize 2024 | Design Museum | Designer of the Year
Sustain RCA Award | Finalist | 2016
Eco-Design for Aluminium | Design Contest | Winner | 2014
James Dyson Awards | French Finalist | 2014

A collection of JOINING BOTTLES designs exclusive to HOST is now available in store and online. Limited edition only. For inquiries and bespoke commissions, please contact us at Production lead for existing range is 5 weeks. 



Joining Bottles Brick Lamp 


Joining Bottles Wood Slice Lamp 


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