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Join us in Milano on the 18th of April at Salone del Mobile!

Experience the transformative dialogue on
"Digesting Degrowth: Embracing Care, Commons, Frugal Abundance, and Conviviality"


We're excited to announce our collaboration with The Preserve Journal and the insightful Grace Gloria Denis for this upcoming project! Join us on April 18th for the presentation and performance of "Digesting Degrowth: Care, Commons, Frugal Abundance, and Conviviality".

To delve deeper into the concept of Degrowth, we will be welcoming local agricultural producers who challenge the prevailing growth paradigm through their vital work of regeneration and care. 

In line with the event commitment to sustainability, food will be served in biomaterial vessels developed by Rosy Napper x The Home of Sustainable Things. This initiative reflects our commitment to diverting from the excessive waste produced by the ceramic industry. Our approach aligns with the principles of Degrowth, advocating for equitable reductions in production and consumption to minimise society's energy and raw material usage, ultimately fostering a more balanced and sustainable societal metabolism.⁠

Together, we wish to create a space and immersive experience that invites anyone interested to join and digest this complex topic with us, to take part in the conversation around the possibilities of creating and nourishing post-growth, sustainable agri-food systems and production.⁠

Exploring the concept of 'Degrowth' is a crucial discussion surrounding sustainability and radical transformations of Agri-Food Systems and we are delighted to be joining The Preserve Journal, and Grace Gloria Denis, in Milano this year.
⁠Bringing this program and menu to life will happen with the support of the brilliant Claire Staroccia and Dan Gibeon from Rito Pane , in Stiffe Abruzzo. ⁠

We hope to see you there!!
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