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GROW, COOK, DYE, WEAR Book | From seed to style the sustainable way


Dear friends, 

We are delighted to introduce Bella Gonshorovitz and her Grow, Cook, Dye, Wear Book to you! 

Based only a couple of miles up north from HOST "headquarters", we are enthused to have her book with us, now available in-store and online. Extracting from her own experience as a fashion designer and plant grower, Bella inspires a more sustainable lifestyle through a journey from seed to crop, from harvest to plant-based cooking and utilising food waste to create fabric dye for contemporary dressmaking. 

Grow, Cook, Dye, Wear is a practical, holistic, and fully illustrated guide to a more sustainable way of living. Created in response to the twin dilemmas of food waste and fast fashion, the book is designed to teach readers how to grow their own food and how to get the most out of everything they grow. The book will guide you through every step of the process, you will learn not only how to forage, sow, harvest, and cook your own fruits and vegetables, but also how to use your homegrown produce to create natural dyes. Once you’ve perfected the process of dying your own fabrics, you can then transform those fabrics into exclusively designed pieces of clothing, including a shirt dress and a duster coat, using Bella’s five full-size pattern sheets that come together with the book!

To make the book as accessible as possible, Bella focuses on five crops that can either be foraged or easily grown in allotments, gardens, or pots; blackberry, nettle, onion, red cabbage, and rhubarb. Whether you choose to grow your own food or not, the recipes, tips, and sewing patterns in this book are guaranteed to inspire and delight. 

The book would be a delightful read and practical guide for crafty, sustainability-minded readers who enjoy making things themselves, and anyone who wants to understand more about the processes behind the items we consume on a daily basis.



five full-size pattern sheets & cooking recipes

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