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"COMMON SANDS" homeware collection from waste glass


Here it is, the 4th edition of our "COMMON SANDS" Vase Range boasts a new distinguished look, opacity and natural colour nuances, rarely observed before. 

Designed by the award-wining, Studio Plastique, the ground-breaking collection of decorative and functional homeware products made from glass components, from discarded household goods such as fridges, microwaves, kitchen scales and washing machines continues to evolve, delight and surprise at equal measures.

And just as doubts about the "ground-breaking" pedigree of the collection starts to creep in, i will put your minds to ease and elaborate a fraction more. At present, glass from e-waste streams attracts no recycling interest! Despite recycling rates at around 75% for packaging glass in Europe, only 0 to1% of the e-glass waste is being recovered and reused. In other words, this product and your desire for it supports a tedious, years long research and development that has led to an increasingly astute product. 

Reusing waste glass, also saves about 40% of the energy compared to the standardised process of using new resources that are skipped in its entirety in the process here. And if you have only just been introduced to the"COMMON SANDS" range now, the reason e-glass is vastly rejected, is because the industrial requirements for homogeneous composition enabling mass production disallow it. 

The naturally occurring differentiations in colours observed throughout the range is due to the inconsistency of features such as metal oxide coating, coloured glass and/or varying glass composition. But fear not, glass is chemically inert meaning, once melted, it is safe to re-use even for food-related purposes! Moreover, the unique characteristics of this waste glass is wondrous from our design perspective, contributing to a unique product range. So here it is yet another point of view, is this truly waste or is a valuable resource? 

The range also benefits from shorter melting time that impacts the consistency of glass bubbles and its unique, opaque appearance. Mouth-blown in a wooden mould, the collection is the result of rigorous collaborations between the studio, experts and craftsmen that underlines the usability of this underused material resource. 

Furthermore, each object is laser engraved to indicate the material origins as well as the location and the date of transformation, in order to establish an informed relationship between resource, process and user.

And just as i am beginning to see the formatting lines of my template, i wanted to turn your attention to the-randomly unique edition of the "COMMON SANDS" candle holders made from the leftover melted glass from the glass crucible, free-poured to create tactile, organic forms, arranged by faith! 

We wish you a wonderful week and as always, we appreciate to have you on this journey. It means the world to us!


"COMMON SANDS" candle holders

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