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"CODED" Deadstock Yarns Collection



Dear Friends, 

It was not too long ago when we proclaimed (rather bravely) we were beginning to close the loop on the fast-fashion industry and its dirty business model. And while there is still so much to do in that respect, the tide is certainly shifting as the wind of change is blowing in our sails. We now see awareness much more of it and where there is awareness, there will be changes! We know that for a fact.  

Just as we have done for some years now - facilitating changes by setting up and developing trends within the Circular Design realm, we also bring innovations fusing with style for you to indulge. Recycling needs not be boring despite what some may think and we are delighted to introduce yet another, wonderful example of ethical yet beautiful design. 

We welcome, Millicent Sanders and her CODED textile collection made from 100% waste yarns to our increasingly sumptuous collection of environment-centred design. The collection of knit products is developed from 100% deadstock yarns, which is a term used to describe surplus material from the fashion industry. The CODED collection is knitted in a ripple stitch with a soft lambswool lining, when a colour runs out it’s tied onto a new yarn creating tiny knots which give each piece a fingerprint pattern. 

Contemporary yet voluptuous and playful, the range of colours and textures provided by waste yarns are perceived as an exciting opportunity to play with, making each item individual and unique. The textile is also designed to suit a change of yarn and colour options, meaning no surplus yarn is generated from the making of these products, whether being made in small or larger scale. 

The CODED range includes scarves, cushion covers and laptop cases, designed exclusively for HOST and is now available in-store, online and also for pre-order. Lead time for pre-ordered items is 2 weeks. Although, we will make every attempt to produce it sooner and replicate the colour scheme as close as the yarns available allow us, please note there might be colour variations due to the nature of the raw materials used in production that we hope you see as an advantage rather than a vice?

A graduate from the Central Saint Martin, Millicent Sanders is also our first Bradford-based designer so we could not be more excited to welcome her to the HOST family, hoping our sensations are contagious and we look forward to your feedback!?


           "Coded" Cushion Covers / green & peach, olive & blue           
  100% deadstock / lambswool, cotton, polyester 



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