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"CIRCULAR CERAMICS" - Can ceramic production really be sustained?


“Ceramics can be durable and last generations, but the production of ceramics is facing a future dilemma. The materials rely entirely on finite natural resources. Many of which when extracted, have significant ecological and societal impacts. Can the production of ceramics really be sustained?”

Sara Howard, an award winning ceramic designer and materials researcher is one of the very few to address and face the issue. By developing multiple methods of reclaiming industrial waste she was able to develop CIRCULAR CERAMICS - a ceramic production practice made entirely from reclaimed industrial waste by-products.

By applying circular economy principles to ceramic production Sara was able to use industrial waste to make with thus minimising the consumption of finite, raw materials and diverts waste away from landfill.

Sara’s approach to making, underlines the importance of building relationships between industries that consume the same raw materials as waste by-products from one manufacturer can replace the raw materials in another, forming an industrial symbiosis which provides both ecological and economical gains. 

Sara Howard has also recently issued the second edition of her CICULAR CERAMICS BOOK. The book represents an extract of Sara self-obtained knowledge, making it accessible, practical guide available to all aspiring ceramists and creatives to follow. 


Both, the CIRCULAR CERAMICS tableware range and BOOK
are available through The Home of Sustainable Things (HOST).


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