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ARTICHOKES Waste Envisioned Into Candle Holders


Personal experience or observation need not be general, i suspect however that quite a few of you have found yourselves indulging on the succulent artichokes leaves, thinking of this wonderfully pleasant ritual that cleanses, prepares and excites our taste buds? Yet, there is somewhat a short and messy conclusion to it, ending with a pile of inedible debris that makes you think of its rationale? 

With that hindsight, hearing about the new biomaterial developed from upcycled artichokes waste by the Istanbul-based, Atelier Barb was nothing short of exciting so we jumped at the possibility to find out more about their processes and raw materials in use. It turned out, it was not only our perception but indeed, there is awfully a lot of waste, nearing 80% of the plant total biomass, compounded by the fact that a meagre 2% of all organic waste in cities is currently repurposed properly! 


The studio approach to redesigning waste aligns so well with our ethos so here we are, Atelier Barb and their Artichoke Candle Holder has joined our family of Environment-Centred design that we are ever so pleased to introduce to you also. Developed entirely in-house, the unique, innovative and biodegradable bioplastic, used to make the candle holders is dense and durable. The binder, also developed internally is designed to degrade in controlled composting conditions or otherwise, hot compost within 30 days of its disposal.

Handmade, using only locally-sourced waste materials, the candle holders are manufactured without any industrial equipment in a process that leaves no waste either since all materials are re-integrated back in the process.

Available in two sizes, the candle holders will no doubt be a wonderful addition to any table set at any given time, but since we are fast-approaching the most merry part of the year, why not it being a wonderful addition to your Christmas table!? Each holder arrives in its own individual box, which also makes it a strong contender for a perfect Christmas gift that does not cost the Earth!?



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