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+52 Step Stool Collection is Out Now!



I'm sure we've all encountered the somewhat dubious, 'it's different.' Strangely, we've begun to use it more frequently as a euphemism rather than embracing it with pride, where in my opinion, being different can and should stand tall, be cherished even celebrated! These are thoughts that stem out from moments of elaboration, a consideration for the ingenuity of that which stands before us. You look, and read and think...and it feels different but rather letting in the shivers, it does deserve a joyful dance routine. 

The new +52 STOOL RANGE design by Studio Plastique is different and one to behold. Conceived as a scenario that accommodates a multitude of local and global wood varieties, along with their inherent properties, the range proposes to challenge and reconsider the use of overexploited wood types, in order to make more sustainable choices — aesthetically, economically and ecologically. 

The stools are multifunctional and can be used as a step, somewhere to sit or as a side table. The collection includes plant species with incredible wood properties making them a quality and uncompromising choice of material. However, they are treated as invasive plants, cleared to make space for other spices or cleared as part of tree harvesting procedures, resulting in the loss of amazing wood properties further diminished by demand in itself, often constituted by fashionable, practical or legislative reasons. 

Timber trade and the industry, currently uses a very selective and limited range of plant species, leaving behind vast quantities of excellent wood that is often downcycled and used as logs or veneers. As a result, the diversity and varying qualities of wood, and subsequently the products in circulation is reduced significantly or forgotten altogether.

Handmade in Belgium, +52 STOOL RANGE includes Robinia Pseudoacacia; Pterygota Macrocarpa; Betula Pendula; Salix Alba and will soon add more species. Take Robinia Pseudoacacia for example, is a shade-intolerant species, native to a few small areas of the US but it has been widely planted and naturalised elsewhere in North America, Europe, Southern Africa and Asia. It is considered an invasive species in some areas but its wood is extremely hard, in-fact stronger and more durable than oak, with outstanding resistance to decay. Today this type of wood is sparsely used, albeit its outstanding properties for reasons that range from lack of knowledge to aesthetics.

 +52 STOOL RANGE is now exclusively available at HOST and our Barnsbury store. Stools made to order have  production lead time of four weeks. Each stool is engraved to facilitate your knowledge and celebrate thematerial's origin. For enquiries please email us at /  




+52 Step Stool | Robinia Pseudoacacia
design by Studio Plastique 


Robinia Pseudoacacia is often cleared as an invasive plant


 +52 STOOL RANGE includes 
Robinia Pseudoacacia, Pterygota Macrocarpa,
Betula Pendula, Salix Alba

Handmade in Belgium 


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