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Pure Sheep Wool Cushion | padded with wool

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Stone white / brown | Size / 15 x 33cm
by Theresa Bader / @Futureing Wool
South Tyrol / Italy

Available colours //
stone white/brown & marble grey/grey

These hand-washed cushions and meditation pillows by Theresa Bader are made of 100% locally sheared and processed, mountain sheep wool. The thoughtful processing of the cushions allows specific properties of the wool can be retained adding to the insulation and moisture balancing properties of the accessories.  

The patterns and colours of Bader's home accessories are influenced by her local, mountain scenery, combining the beauty of natural fabrics and dyes to give your home a unique yet organic look. 

All wool products by Theresa Bader and sold at The Home of Sustainable Things are handmade in South Tyrol, Italy, using 100% local sheep wool.

Important facts about Exploring Wool work:

  • 100% sheep wool
  • 100% Handmade locally in South Tyrol
  • Handwashed Wool – when washed by hand, using water and soup only the valuable lanolin found in the wool is retained!
  • Fair Production - the increased demand for cheaper, synthetic fibres, has resulted in abundance of raw wool left unused and yet, Exploring Wool  continues to pay farmers fairly in order to sustain the cycle of local produce, farm existence and animal habitats.
  • The decreasing demand of wool means large quantities are left unused and often wasted, which puts enormous burden on local farmers livelihoods and their abilities to breed and retain the animals.
  • Recent statistics by the WFO show that currently, nine sheep breeds are facing extinction in South Tyrol alone.

Each item is handmade and dyed therefore impossible to replicate exactly. They can be   slightly different from one another but that also makes them unique. We hope that you see this as an advantage rather than a vice!

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