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Manureality Ceiling Light | made from horse manure

Manureality Ceiling Light | made from horse manure

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Horse manure, gypsum, natural glue
designed by Studio Tinus

Size: 85cm x 30cm x 18cm
Included with each Manureality Light 
Cord - 1.5 m yellow
Fitting - Brass
Warm colour, vintage light bulb

In his search for more sustainable design processes, Martijn Straatman from Studio Tinus investigated various old materials, traditional building techniques and various methods of construction. His studies concluded that there is much wisdom to be extracted from the medieval building techniques and these principles transpire in his MANUREALITY series, where Straatman explores the use of manure, a construction material traditionally used for exterior purposes to produce environmentally sound objects, designed for interior use.

Manureality 2 collection, includes an overhead lamp, a small hanging light, a table lamp, contributing to a "3 Quarter" lamp series as well as a candle holder. 

All objects are handmade in Austria.

This item is available and ready for dispatch! Each item is handmade and therefore,  nearly impossible  to  replicate identically but we  hope that you see 
this as an advantage rather than a vice!

How to recycle: The product is fully degradable and it could serve as a fertiliser as well.

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