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The Botanical Drinks | A Collection of Natural, Non-alcoholic Stimulants & Tranquillisers - THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS

The Botanical Drinks | A Collection of Natural, Non-alcoholic Stimulants & Tranquillisers

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by Michael Isted who is a trained phytotherapist (BSc Hons), nutritionist,  aromatherapist and drinks specialist. 

He has designed drinks and showcased products
internationally, for luxury hotels, spas, yoga centres, restaurants and bars and is launching new Herball bar concepts for luxury hotels throughout the Middle East.

The BOTANICAL DRINKS is the perfect book for plant lovers,  foragers,  fermenters, brewers and those fascinated by the healing power of herbs, this  is  a  collection  of  natural,  non-alcoholic  stimulants  and  tranquillisers  to  improve  awareness,  aid  sleep, and everything  in  between. Trained  herbalist, nutritionist, aromatherapist  and drinks specialist Michael Isted  has  treated  the  worlds  of  fashion,  art  and  wellbeing  to  his fabulous natural drinks, and now brings his delectable potions to a wider audience.  This  is  no  rarefied  guide;  using  everyday  plants such as dandelions and nettles, Michael reveals the history and processes of making drinks at home.  A  wonderful  selection  of  amazing  non-alcoholic  drinks  teach  the  secrets  of  love elixirs,  sleeping  draughts or brain boosters, among many others. Michael draws on his knowledge  of  worldwide plants to match each to a desired effect. A seasonal guide shows when and how to harvest plants, wherever you live, and by using the power of the Sun and Moon. Whether  you’re  an active herbalist, looking for a way to live in tune with nature, or just want to try your hand at making natural drinks, this is the book for you.

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