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Abandoned Earth Plates - ivory | made from dry and discarded clay - THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS

Abandoned Earth Plates - ivory | made from dry and discarded clay

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made from 100% waste

“Abandoned Earth” ceramics
by Benedikt Peirotén | Munich,Germany

Size | Ø 19cm x 1(h)cm | 340g
Glaze colour | White

Please note that each item is handmade 
and it might have colour variations from 
the original image used, which we hope 
you see as an advantage rather than a vice!

Befitted with uniqueness, quirkiness and style, “Abandoned Earth” is handmade, low-impact, limited edition range of plates, produced from 100% wasted clays, collected and made in Germany. 

Damaged packaging causes the clay to dry out and as it becomes more difficult to work with, it becomes less economically viable thus less attractive. That fact along with the availability of the material contribute to large quantities of the material being wasted on regular basis. However, once enriched with water, the original quality of clays restores.

The collection is made from randomly arranged and layered clays, contributing to the plates playful trait. Each plate top is glazed with translucent white to soften the colour patterns and bring calmness to the objects, while bottoms have been left intentionally raw and varying in colour.  

Divided into three colours – ivory, beige and dark brown, the plates are the ideal choice for side dishes, tacos and tapas. 

“Abandoned Earth” is distributed exclusively through The Home Of Sustainable Things. Multiple purchases and trade discounts are available so get in touch for further details. Any EU orders will be processed directly from Germany and UK orders from the UK.

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