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"From The Ashes" Vase | light natural glass made from waste - THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS

"From The Ashes" Vase | light natural glass made from waste

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Dimensions / Ø 5 x 19(h)cm
Weight / 400 gr. approx

handblown objects using restaurant waste 
design by Studio PeiPei 
Munich / Germany

Glass is often seen as sustainable material that can be recycled endlessly but a closer look would reveal this is not a straight-forward process. In addition to large energy consumption, the process also requires mined ingredients whose extraction causes environmental damage.  

“From The Ashes” range incorporates waste with no value to anyone else. By using ashes from wood-fired restaurants, pizzerias, grills and barbecues as well as seashells from seafood restaurants, the studio replicates the roles of those mined ingredients.

All items are handmade without casting moulds, with the studio own ashes-shell-sand recipe for unique and highly distinctive results. 

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