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Sibebe Light | | made from paper waste

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Dimensions / ~ ø 21cm x 32(h)cm

Colour / Stone & Gold
Package Details / Pendant only.

design by Quazi Design
Mbabane / Eswatini | Southern Africa


Handmade from waste paper, dyes and water based glue, the Sibebe Light is part of our QUAZI range. All products are made by hand, original; design, using basic tools and sun’s rays. 

Set up to provide much needed employment in Eswatini, Southern Africa, Quazi Design started as a trial for social impact between a designer and a local magazine distributor. It has now grown into a small thriving community of local women artisans, who are all now being employed with permanent contracts.

How to recycle: It can be recycled with rest of your recyclables as it decomposes fully without leaving traces.

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