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Pure Sheep Wool Cushion | padded with wool - THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS

Pure Sheep Wool Cushion | padded with wool

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Size / 15 x 33cm
Colour / Stone - white & brown

design by Futureing Wool 
South Tyrol / Italy

These hand-washed cushions and meditation pillows by Theresa Bader are made of 100% locally sheared and processed, mountain sheep wool. The thoughtful processing of the cushions allows specific properties of the wool to be retained adding to the insulation and moisture balancing properties of the accessories.  


  • Pure sheep wool accessories handmade locally in South Tyrol.
  • Handwashed wool means the valuable lanolin in wool is retained.
  • Fair Production - increasing demand for cheaper, synthetic fibres has resulted in abundance of unused raw wool, yet the studio continues to pay farmers fairly in order to sustain the cycle of local produce, farm existence and animal habitats.

Items are handmade and naturally dyed therefore impossible to replicate exactly. We hope you see this as an advantage rather than a vice!

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