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RECYCLED TEXTILES Collection by Shiv


Dear Friends, 

We follow up on last week's newsletter with yet another and those of you who have received them long enough would know we only ever send one for a good reason, and today isn't any different as we celebrate the achievements of a wonderful and much appreciated collaborator - Shiv Textiles! 

Having started our mutual work in the beginning of the year, we are immensely happy to have contributed to more than 300kg of post consumer waste saved by Shiv Textiles so far this year! And although, some would inevitably point that is no where near enough to make a dent at the issue [with which we could not agree more], it shows the potential and impact even a small operation could have on resources and subsequently, on the natural environment! So whether you are an individual or an industry professional, work with us! A collective effort would increase the impact and amplify the message lauder! 

Founded by Siobhan Martin, Shiv Textiles works with mills and factories across the UK, rescuing their deadstock materials destined for landfill – yarn, zips, selvedges, buttons, etc, and handcrafts them into fine, limited edition homewares and lifestyle accessories! Inspired by the rich textures of the modern world, the Brighton-based studio uses natural fibres and centuries-old, weaving techniques and patterns to create a contemporary collection of cushions, throws and purses, all made using 100% rescued and recycled materials.   

Designed to transcend the seasons into timeless existence, our new range from Shiv Textiles has now arrived and we look forward to continuing our combined efforts to minimising the unnecessary but accumulating waste! All products included in the collection are designed, woven, sewn and finished in Brighton and the range is now available in-store and online, exclusively at HOST. 

 Environment-centred design is real and is here! The Home Of Sustainable Things has demonstrated the possibilities exist so what stops us of dreaming big? This is a relevant question to reflect on so please, send us your thoughts via emails, or DM us on social media! Your insights are hugely important to help us understand the issues we face, also our achievements and develop our services so do not hesitate to share your thoughts? There are no bad opinions, there are yours! 

Meanwhile, we wish those of you who are UK based, a wonderful bank holiday weekend and we will be back soon with more interesting updates so keep your eyes peeled folks! 


The stunning Eabha Rectangle Cushion is also, made from waste! 

Delaney Honeycomb Blanket & Bed Throw - a unique
piece made from dead stock yarn!




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